Welcome to Challenge Accepted

Welcome to Challenge Accepted, my way to live with a little more whimsy.

At 21-years-old, I’ve deat with my fair shair of challenges. I suffered, and survived, a ten year battle with an eating disorder. I backed out of an abusive relationship, before things got brutal. I attempted suicide after my depression hit an all-time low.

So I figured, if I made it through all of that, then I can make it through anything — be it silly or serious.

Each day, I’ll challenge myself to something I’ve never done before, from the physical to the emotional to the gastronimical, and everything in between. And the best part it, I’m sharing it with you.

So join me on my crazy, chaotic, and – obviously – challenging journey through life. Follow my daily dilemmas, learn more about me, and even challenge me. I double-dog . . . no. . . I triple-dog dare ya 🙂

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