I May Not Be Imelda Marcos. . .

Or Carrie Bradshaw. Or Sarah Rocketto, my shoe obsessed older sister. After all, what’s the point in me spending money on something that scares me?

Despite my fear of footwear, I own several sexy and stylish heels. . .

Black Laced Peep Toes by Ann Marino. The perfect spice to any outfit.


Black Heels with Silver Buckle by Bandalino. A more mature pump.

Black Pointy Heels from Anne Klein. Sexy and classy in every way.

Red Hot Heels by Revenge. My own ruby slippers.

Flowered Heels by Madden Girl. 100% cute and 100% uncomfortable.

Tan Buckled Heels from Nine West. The hottest, highest, and most comfortable heels in my closet.


I guess even a high-heel novice has to have her pumps.

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2 Responses to I May Not Be Imelda Marcos. . .

  1. Dominique says:

    Loving the updates today. And that’s quite a collection for a stiletto-phobic lady! I can totally see you in heels and spandex too. 😉 Can’t wait to see more!

    PS- Try soaking your feet in some epsom salt and warm water tonight

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve been reading your blog everyday and this one has to be my favorite so far! Keep it up and we’ll be going out sex & the city style soon. Bringing a taste of the city to little Rhody 🙂 Love you girl!

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