Leah Wobbles, but Will She Fall Down?

Sarah Jessica Parker – the face of all things feminine. Her hair and make-up always look flawless and effortless. I want to own her wardrobe someday, although realistically I’ll only be able to afford the cheep knock-offs. But the most feminine thing about Miss Parker is her shoe collection. Whenever she walks, be it down the red carpet or down the street, her shoes scream style and sophistication. Even her TV alter ego Carrie Bradshaw owns the most fabulous footwear, despite her not-so-fabulous income. I dream of rocking the SJP style. There is, however, an underlying nightmare in this dream.


No matter how hard I try, I struggle to strut in anything higher than half-an-inch. It is torture to walk down the aisles of DSW and see all the amazing high-heels, knowing I can’t rock them.

Well no more!

Today I will face my footwear fear. Every step I take will be done in four-inch heels, even my half-mile walk to the gym.

Pre-Challenge: Before strutting the streets of Syracuse in heels, I search the internet for any advice. I come across a video telling me everything I need to know about high heels.

So with Rachel’s tips and my red Rampage heels, I’m off to the gym. For constant updates on my heel challenge, check out my twitter, LRocketto.

Stay tuned for my post-gym update. I pray to SJP that I don’t fall flat on my face.

Wobbly yours,

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