I think the title of this post says it all. Two hours in to today’s challenge and all ready the balls of my feet burn, begging me to slip into something comfier. But I won’t give in, no matter how bad the burn.
The walk to the gym is not as bad as I imagined. Thanks to Miss Rachel, I avoid slipping on the icy sidewalks and manage walk without look funny. Although I look a little silly in my Adidas spandex and red heels, but I ignore the awkward stares.
By the time I reach the gym, the pain has intensified. I’ve never been so happy to slip into my Saucony sneakers and hit the treadmill. But alas, I can only work out for so long. I put the heels back on and head home.
As I sit here writing to you all, I dread the rest of my day. But I will pull through, because pain is only temporary. And I can always get a pedicure after to ease the pain.

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