To High Heel Hell and Back

Well folks, the day is done and my feet could not be happier.  As I lay on the couch, feet up obviously, I wonder why women endure this type of pain. My feet burned all day. I walked around with extreme caution, worried if I walked too fast or stepped wrong, my ankles would cave in and I’d come crashing down. What could possibly be worth the pain of high-heels?

Then I realize that I acted different in my high-heels. I walked a little taller. I dressed a little sexier. I felt a little happier about myself. I loved the way I looked and felt – minus the feeling in my feet.

While I won’t turn into SJP and wear heels every day, I will definitely try to wear heels more often. Because it’s true what Manolo Blahnik said: “You put high heels on and you change.”

Another day and another challenge complete. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a pedicure this week, especially since I get such good advice from The Polished Blog, the go-to blog for nail care tips.

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