All About Balance

As the day draws to a close, so does my attempt at solo-tasking. Although the challenge was moderately difficult, I managed to succeed.

Thanks to solo-tasking I accomplished more school work. I put a dent in my com law paper, probably to make up for all the time I spend choreographing in class. I participated more in my Italian class since I wasn’t distracted by texting. I walked to class faster without my iPod to distract me.

That being said, I still believe there is a time and place for multitasking. I see no harm in surfing the internet while watching TV (by the way, did anyone else watch Bethenny Ever After last night?) I do not find it distracting to answer e-mails while eating breakfast. Sometimes we have to multitask to make time for the things we want to and need to do every day. It’s all about the balance.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Beer Tour where the only multitasking involves double fisting.

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