Multitask FAIL!

One place I never multi-task is the gym. I even leave my phone in my locker, which says a lot since my phone is an extra limb. I consider gym time “my time.” I see it as time to burn a few extra calories and time to let out any tensions I feel.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees gym time the same way. Today I witnessed multiple acts of gym multitasking and the majority were hilarious. I like to call these Multi-Task Fails, or MTF for short.

MTF One: The Ginger on treadmill 14 checked out a tall, thin blonde walking by. While doing so, he managed to mis-step and slip off the treadmill. Sorry buddy, but I doubt she will call you after that fail. . . I mean fall.

MTF Two: Two frat bros were bench pressing, one as the lifter and the other as a spotter. But then a fellow frat member came in and in true frat fashion, they had to high-five and chest bump. The spotter let go and let the weights fall on his bro’s chest. What a fratastic fail.

MTF Three: A girl was working the stairmaster (I can’t believe those still exist) when her Crackberry rang. She answered and held a conversation for about five minutes until her foot slipped and she fell down. I’m thinking NY needs to making walking and talking illegal as well.

For these reasons and more, I will stick to my beliefs and continue to keep the gym a multi-task free zone.

Have you seen any multi-task fails lately? Let me know!

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2 Responses to Multitask FAIL!

  1. Danielle Emig says:

    I was working at the Goldstein gym the other day and most people wear sweats and extra layers over their workout clothes. Well this one girl decided to get on the treadmill and start it before putting her outer clothes aside. She threw her pants and they managed to get sucked into the treadmill–to the point where neither of us could get them out. So the treadmill was out of order for the next couple days. (and that really sucks since there’s only 3 treadmills in Goldstein)

    • herbeautifulmess says:

      That is too funny. Thank God she wasn’t wearing them while she got stuck (althought that wold have been hillarious).

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