One Thing at a Time

They say the first step to recovering from a problem is admitting you have one. So, here it goes.  

 I, Leah Rocketto, am a multi-tasker.

 As a student, sales associate, choreographer, and social butterfly, I have a lot to do and almost no time to do it all. Because of this busy schedule, I often find myself doing ten things at a time. I choreograph during my communications law class (sorry Professor Rubin). I send important e-mails while doing Italian homework. I wash the dishes while making mundane phone calls. I can’t even get dressed without an episode of Parks and Recreations playing in the background.

 Usually I control my multi-tasking. Sometimes, however, I lose control and things go wrong.  Note to dancers: practicing a dance while walking to can lead to a hit-and-run, with you as the victim.

For a long time, I’ve tried to convince myself that my multi-tasking cannot hurt. But when the scientists say multi-tasking is an issue, I have to wonder if there is another way to get everything done.

 So today I will try my hand at solo-tasking. I can all ready tell this won’t be easy. As I type this, I’m tempted to visit my Facebook page or long on to my Netflix. But I must resist the multi-task monkey breathing down my neck.

The Rules:

  1. I can only have one window open on the computer at all times.
  2. I can’t use my phone during class time, while doing work, or during other conversations
  3.  I can’t watch TV shows or movies, or listen to music while working (unless it is the Vitamin String Quartet).
  4. I cannot listen to music or use my phone while walking or driving.
  5. I must stay focused!

Here’s to hoping.

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