Hell Yes!

So as you can tell, I made it through today without any swears.

This was not, however, an easy task to get through. Several times, I found myself in situations where I really wanted to drop an f-bomb or two.

When venting to my friends about a guy who screwed me over, all I wanted to do was call him a jack-ass or a fucking d-bag. After all, my friends said it. But no, I refrained and returned to fifth grade, calling the guy a jerk.

Later, when the LinkedIn Gods sent me an e-mail suggesting I link to two people I hate (Saul and Arrested Development as my friends call them), I wanted to let out a loud “what the fuck.” But instead, I laughed it off.

I definitely felt more lady-like by keeping my language clean. Especially when talking to professors and peers. Refraining from swears makes me appear more educated and more mature, which is how I want to appear to the public.

At the same time, people need to let out a swear every so often. When we feel frustrated or stressed or angry, sometimes a four-letter word is the simplest ways to sum up those feelings. 

I will never stop swearing. That’s not the way I’m built. But now that I know I can limit my cursing, I will definitely try a little harder to appear more lady-like.

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