Self Censorship

Sorry for the delayed post Challenge Accepted fans. It has been a busy hump-day in Syracuse. But don’t worry. Despite my busy day, I’ve been following through with todays challenge.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a notorious potty-mouth. If I can add a curse to a sentence, I will do it. Even as a child I had the mouth of Ozzy Osbourne. My mom put soap in my mouth on a regular basis until she found out that could kill me. Then she switched to the equally toxic Tabasco sauce. No wonder I hate spicy foods.

But I digress.

I know my constant cursing is neither lady-like nor professional. Swearing, especially when done often, gives the appearance that you are uneducated and trashy – two words that don’t define me.

So for today I will forgo the four-letter words, as well as any other words my mother deems soap worthy.

So far things have been going well, but I have some stressful situations ahead of me. Hopefully I won’t slip up. . .

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One Response to Self Censorship

  1. Carolyn says:

    Eff that.
    I have the same horrible habit. I try to go days without letting an expletive slip, but it’s rough!

    The King’s Speech didn’t help the situation any–apparently cursing helps people overcome speech impediments! I don’t know if this would be cheating, but maybe you can watch a scene from one of my new favorite films to release some of the stress of keeping your mouth modest:

    Let it out, Bertie, let it out!

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