My Snark is My Bite

Two years ago, on the last day of news writing, the class filled out or final evaluations for our professor. We answered the standard questions. What do you like about this class? How would you change this class? What five words best describe your professor? In my outgoing, and slightly nosey, nature I asked my professor what five words he would use to describe me.

“Leah,” he said. “You’re snarky. I like that.”

It’s true. I cover about a third of my phrases with a tasty, sarcastic coating. Most of it is because I like to make people laugh, and sarcasm is a great way to achieve laughter. Sometimes, however, I get off on insulting people I don’t like without them realizing it. Their stupidity amuses me and makes me feel better. . . and yes, I realize how horrible that sounds.

Unfortunately, sarcasm has it’s down side. People don’t know when to take you seriously, which is a problem. As much as I enjoy sarcasm, I also appreciate honesty and am honest with everyone (whether they like it or not). But because of my sarcasm, people don’t know how to differentiate the two.

Also, sarcasm can hurt people when executed incorrectly. I too have had my fair share of sarcasm slips, results in hours of apologizing and begging for forgiveness. Not the most productive way to spend an afternoon.

So today, I’ll try to keep all my comments straightforward. No more manipulating my insults to come across as compliments. No more white-lies in hopes of a few laughs.

And I thought staying swear-free would be hard. . .

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