It’s Peanut Butter Challenge Time

For most people, water makes up the majority of their body composition. For me, its peanut butter. The sweet and salty concoction runs through my veins.

It’s not breakfast until I’ve had a spoonful – or two – of Skippy. I put peanut butter on any food item: bread, crackers,pancakes, fruit, celery,carrots cookies. Anything . Hell, I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar – just ask my roommate. If there’s peanut butter in it, on it, or near it, I will eat it.

Which is why today I won’t eat the food that keeps me going.

When I told my friends this, they screamed in shock.

“I can understand high heels,” my friend Nichole said to me. “I can understand not swearing. But this?! This is insane.”

Maybe Nichole is right. Maybe forgoing peanut butter is another challenge for me to fail.  I all ready want to give in and grab my giant jar of Skippy. But I have to try to make it through this sticky situation (see even my jokes are suffering from lack of peanut butter).  

What was I thinking. . .

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