Still Alive, But Barely Breathing. . .

Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it has not been easy without my beloved peanut butter.

I knew breakfast would be my biggest challenge. Like I said, my day doesn’t start till I’ve had my peanut butter. Be it on an english muffin or a banana, peanut butter is a part of my morning routine.

As I stared at the cupboards, deciding what to eat, my phone vibrated. My friend Nichole texted me asking if I wanted to go out to breakfast. Saved by Stella’s, a restaurant free of PB.

Sitting in the crowded diner, I decided on a broccoli & mushroom omelet with Stella’s famous home fries. As I devoured every savory morsel and enjoy the company of my friends, I forgot about my sweet, creamy companion. Well almost.

Now it’s lunch time and the decision of what to eat is a lot harder. I’m not starving, since some of the Stella’s still sits in my stomach. Normally when I need a little nash, I turn to an apple or banana with PB. But today, that is not an option.

So I settle for a bowl of cereal and a banana, sans PB. My banana seems naked without the addition of a creamy coating. I want to run into the kitchen and grab that Skippy jar.

Stay Leah. Stay. . .

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