Well That Was Successful. . .

O wait. No it wasn’t. Turns out I can’t turn off the sarcasm.

I tried so hard to keep my comments classy and snark-free. I managed to keep it together for three hours. But somewhere between the drive to work and the belated viewing of Top Chef, something bursts.

Maybe it was my boss asking me why I wasn’t my funny self. Maybe it was being around my friends while they bashed Tiffany from Top Chef. Maybe sarcasm runs through my veins. Whatever the reason, I can’t contain my clever commentary on life.

Half that time, I don’t realize I’m speaking sarcastically. Had it not been for people pointing out my slip-ups, I would have thought I succeeded. That’s how fluentl I am in sarcasm. I don’t even notice the transition.

I tried my hand (or mouth really) at a foreign language – one void of wit and humor – and I failed. But maybe I’m not meant to speak that language. Maybe those of us living in the land of Sarcasmia are meant to speak in a clever, off-the-cuff manner. Maybe that’s how we make sense of the confusing and crazy world we live it. Maybe we use it as a shield to keep the weak people, the ones who “don’t get it”, out of out lives.

Then again, maybe we just life to make fun of people without them knowing it.

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