The Boy that Stabbed Me in the Back

Still no word from Debbie, but that doesn’t mean I should stop my challenge. Next on my list of forgiveness is Jack*, a friend who failed to have my back when I needed him.

Jack went through a lot last summer. The love of his life, Annie*, broke up with him and broke his heart. She left him sad and alone. All his friends, including me, had his back saying he deserved better (which he did) and that he things would work out (which they would). We bashed her and built him back up.

Unfortunately, the heart wants what the heart wants. When Jack’s ex asked for a second chance, he jumped on it. I, and all his other friends, hesitated to let her back in. But we did it for him.

One night we were all hanging out – talking, laughing, and having a great time. Later that night I heard from a friend that Annie thought I was hitting on Gary*, my best friend who was dating Annie’s best friend, and told others that I was acting inappropriately (code for slutty). Needless to say, Annie’s comments offended both Gary and I, but she left before I could confront her on the issue.

The next day I talked to Jack and told him I was upset by Annie’s comments. I thought he would understand my point-of-view, because he knows I’m not “that  girl”; the girl who hits on another girl’s boyfriend. Instead, he defended Annie and told me that Gary and I shouldn’t be that close. He said Gary and I had a weird relationship and Annie had every right to question me. Except he forgot one thing: Annie doesn’t know me and shouldn’t make assumptions about a girl she doesn’t know.

Hurt by his remarks, I told Jack I couldn’t be friends with someone who thought so little of me when they knew me so well. I haven’t talked to him since.

Last night, however, I heard Annie broke up with Jack — again — and that he’s not handling it well. As much as I want to call and say “I told you so” I know he doesn’t need that. He needs a friend and I have a hard time turning my back on a friend in need.

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