Welcome Back. Welcome Back.

Hello Challenge Accepted fans! I apologize for my blog break. Good news: I made it through midterms without pulling an all-nighter or suffering from a mental breakdown. Bad news: I spent my Spring Break in bed with bronchitis. But despite the school work and sickness, I’ve managed to take on a challenge over the past week.

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. For those who didn’t spend their childhood attending Sunday school, Lent is a 40-day period when Catholics remember the pain Jesus endured for his people.  During this time, Catholics are encouraged to make a lifestyle change to honor the man who gave up everything for us. Although I doubt that Jesus cares if Catholics give up soda or swearing for 40 days, I understand the significance and partake every year. 

This year, however, I struggled to think of a sacrifice. So I texted my mother, hoping she would tell me what to give up. But instead of responding with an order, she responded with a suggestion.

“Don’t worry about giving something up,” she wrote. “Lent’s about bettering yourself. Just focus on staying positive and happy.”

Her text made a lot of sense. The past year has been hard on my family and me. Between the depression, the deaths, and all the extra drama, it’s become easier to develop a pessimistic attitude about my life and myself.  I fill my mind with negative and hateful thoughts about myself, refusing to let anything positive into my mind.

Well no more.

For the next 40 days, and hopefully more, I plan to think more positively. Every day I’ll post positive things above my mirror, ensuring I’ll see a compliment every day. Hopefully this will be a life changing challenge, improving my self-image and outlook on life.

But I still want to take on some more daring things during the next 40 days. I’ve missed the thrill of the challenge. I’m always open to your dares. So if you have any suggestions you can . . .

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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