Finally Forgiven

Hello Loyal Fans. Despite the lack of blogs during the past week, I have continued to challenge myself on a daily basis.

My positivity post-its helped me through some difficult times during the last few days. When I felt worthless and wanted to give in to negative thoughts, I look at the wall to remind myself of all my good qualities.

I also continued my forgiveness challenge. After my failing at my first three attempts, I felt discouraged and somewhat depressed. After all, no one wants a former friend to tell them to “f**k off.” But a friend of mine, as well as several users, encouraged me to continue my challenge.

So over the weekend I reached out to two people: one that I had a misunderstanding with and one that I severely screwed over. Despite our difficulties in the past, both of these people found it in their hearts to forgive and forget.

Interested to hear how I won their forgiveness? Stay tuned for the full stories.

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