Vegging Out

My parents raised me as a carnivore. When I lived at home, we ate chicken at least three nights a week. Our summer dinners usually consisted of burgers and hot dogs on our back porch. A fancy dinner means a well prepared steak and a glass of wine (for the legal drinkers that is).  Even living on my own, I incorporate meat in to most of my meals.

Unfortunately, meat is not the cheapest option. A can of chickpeas costs $0.99 while a package of chicken costs up to $8. A HUGE difference when you’re a struggling SU student.  Meat is also not a “green” option. In an excerpt from, it was written that “meat-based diet contributes to world hunger and is a primary cause of deforestation.” This information makes me feel guilty about enjoying a burger from Faegan’s.

So for one week, I will take a walk on the omnivore side. I plan to remove all meats from my diet. As an added challenge, I will be doing this during the week of my dance show. During this week, I will be running around and won’t be able to rely on my go-to on-the-go meal : a turkey sandwich.

Can I make it through the week without my meats? Let’s hope so.

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