Mmm Mmm Matzah

So my first full day of Passover went well. Although ditching my morning bowl of cereal was difficult. But at least I can eat my peanut butter. . .

Before taking on this challenge, I consulted with a few of my Jewish friends for some yeast-free bread substitutes. After all, as an athlete I can’t cut carbs completely out of my life. A sophomore year experiment with South Beach diet proved it. But I digress. . . The one thing all my friends told me to buy was matzah, and a lot of it.

Matzah plays a huge role in the story of Passover. When the Jews left Egypt, they did not have time to let the bread rise. So they ditched the yeast and developed a delicious product that Jews devour during the Passover season.

I took their advice and invested in a massive box of Matzah. I also picked up a Matzah ball soup mix, another staple to the Passover diet. So tonight, since I had the time to spare, I tried my hand at Jewish cooking.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t full-on Jewish cooking. The people of Manischewitz provide me with the mix and seasonings. I just added water. But I didn’t want to butcher a classic dish.

In half-an-hour I created a tasty dish. The Matzah balls reminded me of the dumplings in my chicken dumpling soup. . . sans the yeast of course. Although the soup was a bit salty, I easily could have eaten the entire batch of soup. And at only 45 calories a serving, I could have without the guilt. Paired with a spinach salad, this soup made for the perfect dinner on a cold rainy night.

If you look closely, you can see the steam rise from this traditional and tasty soup.


Tune in tomorrow when I try my hand at another Jewish classic, the potato pancake.

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