Ciao College!

Hello CA fans. I know I’ve barely posted in the last few weeks, and I apologize for that. But for the last few weeks I’ve been completing a four-year challenge: graduating from college.

I guess this challenge really started five years ago when I started my senior year of high school. Coming from a tiny town, people rarely leave the confines of this close-knit community. If they do leave, they try not to stray too far. Maybe two hours at most. But I wanted to get out of the small town. In fact, I needed to get out to achieve my goal of becoming a journalist. In order to do this, I had to attend the best journalism school which happened to be the S.I. Newhouse Schoolof Public Communications at Syracuse University.

When I told my guidance counsellor about this goal, she winced as if she bit into a lemon.

“Are you sure,” she asked with worry in her voice. “I just don’t think you’ll get in.”

Her lack of confidence only motivated me more, forcing me to perfect my application. I constantly contacted alumni and made sure to attend every SU event, hoping to get an edge.

One night in March, I decided to check my email before bed. In my inbox, I saw an email from Syracuse University. I triple clicked and as I read the contents, a screech escaped from my mouth. SU accepted me into its prestigious journalism school. I wanted to forward my acceptance to my guidance counsellor with “SUCK IT” as the subject line. But instead, I woke my parents who groggily congratulated me.

Five months later, I concluded the Westerly chapter of my life and started the SU chapter. For four years, I filled this chapters with thousands of tales. Some held happy endings, like earning Dean’s List status, performing with Orange Pulse Dance Troupe, and making memories with my friends. Some, however, held sadness like losing my first love and spending a week in the psych ward after a suicide attempt.
Despite the drama and difficult times, I managed to make it through the four years with the help of family and friends. And this weekend, I walked across the stage at SU’s graduation. I earned a B.S. in magazine journalism and a minor in nutrition. I achieved my goal and made my parents proud in the process. I consider this a challenge success!

“Now what?” people ask.

On June 1st, I start an internship with TheGreatist (, a start-up health site. Perfect right? I’ll be moving to NYC and living with/near some amazing friends.

But before I become a hard-hitting health reporter, I want to try some traveling. For the next ten days I’ll be living the Italian life, in hopes of educating myself on the diet and food styles of Florence

These next ten days offer a perfect challenge opportunity. I plan to enjoy the cuisine without worrying about my weight. I plan to take in the sites without worrying about what’s on my to-do list. I plan on enjoying myself. I challenge myself to relax. After four years, I think I’ve earned it.

So until May 26th, I plan to stay away from technology and enjoy my trip. Hope you don’t miss me too much.

So ciao CA fans! I’m off to Italy 🙂

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