Spreading the Christmas Cheer

The holidays have arrived!

Well, if you live in New York City then the winter holidays arrived in October. I actually think Starbucks gave out red-cupped peppermint lattes to trick-or-treaters. Even though I live in New York, I don’t share the same Winter Wonderland mentality. For me, the menorah remains unlit and Christmas carols go unsung until December.

So when I woke up on Saturday, the first day of December, I jumped for holiday joy. I spent the day with my boyfriend and his roommates searching for and decorating the perfect evergreen. At night, we curled up on the couch to watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2. The perfect start to the holiday season.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

But I can’t let the boys have all the holiday fun. For today’s challenge, I will spread the Christmas cheer to my own apartment.

Now, Elf says the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. But to be honest, I’m not a great singer and I’m sure my roommate wouldn’t have wanted to wake up to my screechy rendition of “12 Days of Christmas.” So tune in to see how I make my New York apartment a holiday home.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

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