Be My Freakin’ Valentine Gift Exchange

Ok. Confession time. I love to give gifts. I get such a thrill from brainstorming ideas for someone. A rush when I finally pick the perfect gift and find it. And a high when I see how happy the gift makes them. 

Since I didn’t have anyone to give a gift to this Valentine’s Day (collective “aww” from my fans), I decided to participate in be my FREAKIN valentine, a Valentine’s Day gift exchange hosted by two talented bloggers Rima and Melissa.


As part of the exchange, I got to send a gift to another participating blogger and I also received something as well.

For my gift, I got to send something to an amazing blogger (and also a good friend) Meghan at My Borrowed Heaven. We have a long and interesting history, Meghan and I. We were friendly in 1st and 2nd grade. Than in 3rd grade, we kind of hated each other. I actually twisted her arm back during a gym class that year (yeah I know, I was a bitch). Then, somehow, we became best friends. Unfortunately, high school brings out the worst in girls and as a result, Meghan and I stopped being friends. The thing is, neither of us can remember why. It just happened. Luckily, if a friendship is meant to be then it will be. Last year, we reconnected via Facebook and now we’re pretty damn close again.

So I was beyond thrilled when I got to put together a gift for my friend.

Happy Valentine's Day Meghan!

Happy Valentine’s Day Meghan!

Ok, maybe I went a bit overboard with the gift. But like I said earlier, I love to give.

Now I’m happy to give without receiving, but getting a gift was a nice perk of this exchange. I received a pretty large package from Allie at A Day in a Joyful Life, which made me smile. And after I opened it, my smile grew and I think I may have screamed a little. 

Thank you Allie for an amazing gift!

Thank you Allie for an amazing gift!

Allie must have done some serious stalking, as everything in this package was perfect for me. While most women want chocolate on Valentine’s Day, I’d much rather have something fruity and chewy like Swedish Fish. And as an avid baker, I really appreciated the Valentine-themed cupcake tins and sparkly cookie sugar.

Now my love for Swedish Fish and baking is something people know about me. So the rest of Allie’s gift make me think she has psychic abilities. I was just talking to my roommate about how I needed a new tea mug, and as luck would have it Allie sent me one (along with some tasty hot chocolate stirrer)! My roommate and I also talked about needing new nail polish to try, and Allie came through with two new colors from Revlon. She truly is my saint Valentine!

While the gift giving and receiving was great, the best part of this gift exchange was the charity aspect. Since February in National Heart Month, and seeing as we are celebrating a heart-filled holiday, all participants were required to give to the American Heart Association. This made the gift giving totally worth-while.

What are you giving and receiving for Valentine’s Day?

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One Response to Be My Freakin’ Valentine Gift Exchange

  1. Allie says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the package, and that my psychic talents came through! Happy Valentine’s day!

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