March Ab-Ness: 30 Day Ab Challenge

Welcome to March my friends. The month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, whatever that means. So far the only lion-like things about this March are the roaring winds and the furry frocks New York women find so stylish.

The one thing getting me through these cold days: knowing that in two months I will be boarding a ship and setting sail to the Bahamas with my best friends. Four days of sunshine, sandy beaches and the occasional spa treatment. This also means I’ll be spending a majority of the four days in a bikini.

While I like to think I’m confident in my body and looks, the truth is Ilike most American womensuffer from some serious body image issues. As if rocking a two-piece among strangers isn’t intimidating enough, I’ll also be with my two tiny friends. Nothing like a little added pressure.

Now in a former life, filled with  water-only diets, I would have starved to get a tout tummy. But now, I know better. I know that if I want to achieve my ideal stomach, I need to work out and eat well. So I will be taking on March Ab Madness.

At first glance, the schedule for March Ab-ness intimidates me. I mean, push-ups? My Jello arms can’t handle those. But looking it over, it doesn’t seem to bad, right? I mean, I do get Sunday off. . .

30 days of push ups, sit ups and planks.

30 days of push ups, sit ups and planks.

For 30 days I will follow this Pinterest-based plan, and hopefully the hard work will pay off. And to keep track of my progress, I am doing something I never thought I’d do: post pictures of my stomach online. (NOTE: Save your negative comments for your own blog.)

ABS: Day 1

ABS: Day 1

Does anyone care to join me on this month-long ab challenge? If so, post in the comments below or link-up in your own blog, Lord knows I’ll need the moral support!


UPDATE (7/8/13): So as you may be able to tell, I did not complete the March Ab-ness Challenge. But because I refuse to fail (and because I want a toned tummy so badly) I have decided to re-do this challenge in July. And if you join me, you could win a $50 Kohl’s gift card!

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3 Responses to March Ab-Ness: 30 Day Ab Challenge

  1. Laura says:

    So how did it go? Was it worth it?

  2. Michael says:

    I might be 2-3 months late but I’m all up for this! About time I get my lazy ass off the chair! No march ab-ness challenge for me though.. no.. I call it June Ab-Ness challenge! See you ont he other side!

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