Challenge Reblog: Accepting Your Natural Beauty

Challenge Accepted is more than a motivator for me to spice up my life, so to speak. It’s also a platform to inspire others to challenge themselves and improve their lives. At least, that’s how I want people to see it. So when I see or hear about someone who has taken on a particularly difficult task, I plan on telling you all about it.

As you all know, I’ve dealt with my fair share of body image issues. Most of them related to the number on the scale, but I’ve also battled with an acne-filled face and a head of frizzy, hair (I won’t even mention my four-eyes phase). I slowly learned to love myself, from the curves to the curls, but I still struggle every once in a while. So when I come across people who feel positive about themselves, I use it as a reminder that I am beautiful…no matter what they say.

Enter Chasity Cooper— a 20-something millennial that I greatly admire who recently celebrated her three year natural-versary. For most of her life, Chasity relaxed her hair with semi-permanent chemicals in order to make it straight and society’s version of sexy. During her junior year of college, however, she decided to ditch the crap and embrace her natural hair.

Chaisty returns to her roots (via

Chasity returns to her roots (via

It hasn’t been the easiest journey (the occasional second-guessing and knotted locks would drive anyone crazy), but in the end Chasity has embraced her natural looks and grown more confident in every aspect. I highly recommend you read about her journey and, hopefully, learn to love yourself a little more. If you like what you read, you should follow Chasity on Twitter (@ChasitySCooper) for some daily sage advice.

Have you ever challenged yourself to change your looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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