Half Marathon Monday: Two Weeks Till The Race

Happy Labor Day CA readers! I hope you all had an amazing three-day weekend (or four if your bosses were as generous as mine). I spent mine relaxing in Rhode Island with my family and amazing friends. If only I had some sunny days to spend at the beach. Oh well. . .

With the end of summer comes September — my favorite month. First off, it’s easily the most beautiful month. The temperature transitions from unbearably hot to breezy but sunny. The leaves change from bright green to burnt reds, oranges and yellows. Girls trade in their skankly short shorts for colorful cords and warm sweaters. It’s a sight that makes anyone smile.

Second, it’s my birthday month (September 7 for those who care). Granted, it sucked as a child, since my birthday often fell on the first day of school. But knowing there was a cake waiting for me at home make it more bearable. Now, as an adult, I can plan fun events on my special day, no matter where it falls in the week.

Usually those two reasons are enough to make me happy, but this year there is a third reason to love September. In two weeks, I run my first half-marathon! After nine months of early morning runs, painful days, and icy nights, the big day has almost arrived. I’ve already tackled 13 miles, the idea of putting on the bib doesn’t scare me as much.

Half Marathon Training

As the day draws near, I’ve also started to think more about my goals for this half-marathon. When I first signed up, my goal was to get back into running and run a race with my best friend. Now, however, I realize there are a few other things I can accomplish during this 13 miler.

Half Marathon Goals
1. Finish
Now this may seem simple (and even stupid), but for the past two weeks my knees have been in major pain. I don’t mean a tiny twinge, I mean a searing pain to the point where I can’t walk.

2. Run the ENTIRE Time
Again some may wonder why this is a goal, but everyone has told me to walk when the pain becomes too much to handle. Which I’ve had to do several times. On the day of the race though, I hope the adrenalin and cheers from the crowd push me through the pain and get me to cross the finish line.

3. Complete Under 2:30:00
If you asked me in January for my ideal completion time, I would have said 3 hours. At the time, I was running 10:30 miles and struggled through a three-mile jog. Flash forward to September, where a three-mile run feels like a warm-up and I’m breezing through at 9:30 a mile. I’m feeling confident and know that I can finish in this faster time. At least, I hope I can.

To those who have sent words of encouragement, I thank you for all the support! Even the smallest “best of luck” gets me through a hill workout, tempo run, and 13 miler.

What were your goals for your first race? Have any half-marathon tips? Leave it in the comment section below!

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One Response to Half Marathon Monday: Two Weeks Till The Race

  1. Mel says:

    Super excited about the race! But you forgot one exciting thing about this September…Matilda!! Can’t wait til this weekend and keep up the awesome training 🙂

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